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Stalbridge Park, House and Wall — 3 Comments

  1. Dear sir

    I am a professional genealogist in Hertfordshire, write for family history magazines regularly, lecture and specialise in researching the ancestries of celebrities (see my blog, URL) above. I am currently researching the actress EMMA CHAMBERS (Alice in The Vicar of Dibley, she was also in the film Notting Hill) and I have discovered that in the 18th century Stalbridge Park Garm was owned by her great great grandfather, Simon Strange (circa 1800-1855). He appears there in the 1851 census, a copy of the entry I can send you if you wish. Simon Strange died in August 1855 when he was thrown from his pony and died from injuries sustained in the accident. I found reports in a number of newspaper on the British Newspaper Archive website. I was interested to see on this website what I assume is THE Stalbridge Park Farm and I would respectfully ask your permission to copy and possibly publish it on my blog?

    With best wishes
    Roy Stockdill
    01923 893735

  2. My latest blog on the ancestry of Emma Chambers is now online at:

    I have incorporated the photo of Stalbridge Park Farm which you kindly gave me permission to use, with an appropriate accreditation under “Sources of research” at the bottom of the blog. I’ve also published a newspaper cutting of Simon Strange’s death in a fall from his horse in 1855.

  3. Hello Mr Stockdill

    Many thanks for your call earlier today. I shall increase the detail on posts here and link back to your information, when I can. I find this history absolutely fascinating and to find these links to the past where I spent time as a child is most intriguing.

    I will be looking further in to the history because my cousins have said there are links with a past “relative” nannying for the Czar of Russia on my grandmother Dufosee’s side!!

    I’m hoping that this site will build with more information at some time in the near future.

    If you would like larger & better resolution copies of any of the photos I have – please do get in touch.

    Bye for now