Mike Finding – Who’s he?

Mike Finding – Who’s he?

I am an ex-farmer! Ever since boy-hood I was brought up to be a farmer and as such went on to help manage the family farm, in Dorset. Well, many years later I actually came away from farming for various reasons and (weird as it may seem!) I learnt to set up websites!

The Body Can Heal Itself – if given the conditions to do so

I am a passionate believer in the body healing itself, if given the right conditions and as such am VERY keen to help others who — shall we say — “Feel that they really DON’T like the thought of being ill!”

And why should we!? There are a lot of people my age who quite frankly do not want to end up in the hospital or in the doctor’s surgery being given drugs that in the majority of cases do not cure any illness – they mask the symptoms and do NOT cure the problem.

Rather than spout off too much here, take a look at the video and read the testimonials on this link. The Audio on Doctor Says is also a must-listen if you have ANY ideas to keep well in a holistic way – it CAN be done, we know it can.

I also run a newsletter on my Healthy Homes Club website – have a look and see – sign up and get the newsletters. Unsubscribe any time you like!

Mike Finding’s Photography

I also love photography, using it for business and pleasure. I’m not a professional photographer; just a very keen amateur with a certain amount of success in some areas of photography. My whole aim is to encourage and help folks, if asked, who may already use their mobile or some form of digital camera – just explore further – it’s a fascinating world!!

Mike Finding – Who’s he?
Mike Finding – Who’s he?

A lot of years ago I started using a camera. Back then it was using film and dark room with the chemical processing along with all the interesting developing techniques with hours spent in a darkroom! Once digital came about the darkroom moved to the computer….

THAT was when I made a strange switch! At that time when I would not even touch a computer! The devil’s toys indeed!! But once our youngsters started to want to use them for school I started to look. Having been into photography for 40+ years (at time of originally writing this piece, 2011!) that was where I started!! I went to the local college and did a Photoshop course, and that did it!! I started to use the computer for photography! It just seemed the right thing to do! It’s also a whole lot quicker than using the film and chemical route as I used to do!

Playing the Drums

So here we are….AND one of my all time passions is playing the drums! More years ago than I care to think I started a blues band with a pal and they were busy for a good fifteen years! Off the Rails had a CD out and used to sell well at gigs. I was, until recently (at time of editing this 20-02-16) seen on the drum stool with Mojo – Stone Cold Players – Great driving rock, a touch of reggae, funk and soul!! This has been a real eye opener as the band has gone on from strength to strength with a series of bass players – all of whom have been excellent. When I left Paul Phillips was on Bass and he’s a great player!

Our last bassist was a drummer (3 years til 2013) of 15 at time of joining Mojo! He’s a taught drummer and would get out on bass guitar at some jam sessions we used to do down in Bridport. When our bassist before left, Tony the lead player / singer said – “we need Callum!”.

Callum Alner is a fantastic musician, turning his hand to any instrument, it seems! Cal is now (at time of writing) at college for a degree and he also plays with the RPMs. His bass playing was a joy to work with, despite the fact that we have had a set of REALLY excellent bassists all the time I have been in Mojo.

This clip shows a couple of my heroes!!! (YouTube version)

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MS Dunera - Troop Ship To School Ship

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