RAF Warmwell & MS Dunera – Site for “Sale”??

Hello again and I hope all well with you & yours?


My sincere apologies – I have NOT been able to let these sites go to anyone.

Nobody seems to be interested in continuing to run / manage the site so I fear it will have to come down as I have retired from my web management projects.

I do have a backup available if someone decides to take it on…..

My sincere apologies for all who have been interested / connected to the area.

Please do get in touch if you – or anyone you know – might be interested in the website and taking it on to keep the memories available


There are a lot of followers for both sites but I am now in a position to have to remove the sites from public viewing.

Facebook has a page for the RAF Warmwell Airstation here. There is also a Facebook page for MS Dunera here.

Now – True enough we have not been updating for quite some time now and I suspect there are others out there who may well be keen to make this a more “active” site.

No overall charge – just a request that:

The new owners would set up a hosting package – preferably with Tribulant Hosting – a company we use now due to changes we could not support with our original hosting company.

I would also like to think that I could be kept in as an admin, for a while, to ensure the site is being used correctly….

We would make sure the site was set up in place and working as it is now….

Tribulant Hosting and services have been second to none and I would recommend ANYONE who is looking to start a newsletter as we have to use the Newsletter Plugin by Tribulant!

It saves on large monthly costs with online mailing software suppliers and any subscribers can be imported….

Do please get in touch and enquire if this is of interest – Pleased to help.

The site MUST be used for any information relating to the travels with RAF Warmwell.

The site must NOT be abused in any way.

These things will not be easy to police, but the domain name is still with me and will be til the site management is proved to be good.

Hope that makes a kind of sense?

Many thanks for your following of the site and please do get in touch if you or someone you know is interested in taking on the site.

Bye for now

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