Intelligent-Energetics 2018

Intelligent-Energetics 2018

“Intelligent Energetics” launched in late August 2017.

Smart Shields EMF / WiFi protection

Smart Shields EMF / WiFi protection

They have huge plans for future expansion and further product development. Their original frequency products are now available with 50% off their original pricing making them affordable to one and all.

They make ideal gifts and often have profound long lasting positive effects.

New and improved products will be developed soon allowing for a huge range of options for targeting and healing specific issues. In the meantime, please try the products out and prepare to be seriously amazed! Also you can buy with full confidence given all their products have a full 30 day money back guarantee.

Smart Shields (mobile device EMF protectors)Truly a must have for your mobile phone, tablet, laptop and other mobile devices.

They can also be used for EMF broadcasting devices such as wi fi routers and smart meters. A very noticable feeling of protection is experienced using these remarkable protectors. A brief outline is below. Protect yourself and your loved ones as soon as possible.

EMFs are a MAJOR issue for virtually all of us in 2017!

With “5G” Technology around the corner it makes sense to take steps for protection ASAP..

World Health Organisation Warning!

You may not be aware of this fact. The World Health Organization classifies mobile phone radiation as

a “Class 2b. Known Carcinogen” in the same category of Lead, Asbestos, and Engine Exhaust.

The Invisible Killer We Cannot Live Without

Scientific evidence from research performed around 20 years ago proved beyond doubt that regular use of a mobile phone heated up brain tissue.

Dr. David Carpenter, Dean at the School of Public Health State University of New York stated that 30% of all childhood cancers are associated with EMF exposure. Doctors from the United Kingdom have issued warnings urging children under 16 not to use mobile phones.

We also now know from further research that the ultra high frequency EMF waves from mobile devices can cause a significant increase in blood pressure.

Despite mass awareness that we are exposing ourselves to worrying amounts of daily EMF radiation we tend to ignore the issue since we are all so totally dependent on our mobile phones, laptops and tablets. It would almost seem that the entire modern world would come to a standstill if we stopped using them.

There is not a political desire to investigate the harmful effects of EMF radiation deeply since the resulting lawsuits would cost trillions if a conclusive link to cancer was established to mobile phone usage.

Considering the repercussions of the above wake up call, it is essential we take control of own health and protect ourselves from harmful EMF / Radiation exposure levels.

Smart Shield – EMF / Wifi / RF Protection

The Smart Shield protects you, and your loved ones from the harmful effects of EMF/RF/Wi-Fi  radiation.

Smart Shield Protects you from:
  • Wi-Fi Routers
  • Mobile Phones
  • Mobile Phone Towers
  • Electrical Wires
  • Electrical Devices
  • Tablets
  • Computers
  • Mobile Phones.


The Smart Shield Features:
  •     Conductive Silver Antenna
  •     Bio electric shield built in
  •     An impressive protective range of 2-3 Ft from the human body
  •     Made in the U.S.A. in a Medical Device Facility
  •     Works effortlessly and protects you from ALL wireless devices
  •     Will NOT interfere with device’s communication features or impede your signal

How Does It Work?

The Smart Shield contains a proprietary blend of natural elements with piezoelectric properties that efficiently reflect and absorb electromagnetic noise and thereby block the harmful effects of  EMF’s emitted by wireless modern communication devices.

The Smart Shield chip has a conductive silver antennae/receiver that is agitated by the digital signals and then directs them over a plate containing the natural compounds which absorb the radiation immediately.

The energy transfer between the EMF signal and the piezoelectric natural compounds can remediate the disruptive segments of signals by absorbing, cancelling and reflecting many of the harmful elements.

In our 2 year search far and wide for a product that could prove biological protection we found the Smart Shield was by far the most impressive. The positive effects were outlined  a series of careful studies providing proof The Smart Shield remediated the deleterious effects of invisible electromagnetic radiation.

Simply attach a Smart Shield to all of your wireless devices such as DECT Phone / Mobile Phone / Tablet / Laptop / Wifi Router / Smart Meter etc. and start enjoying instant highly effective protection.

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