Meercat Bloopers!

I’m sorry – I digress here. I have NO idea if there are any fans of the Compare the Meercat ads visiting this site, but this is an out–take set….Just…

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Great birthday party with wonderful people!

We have just been out to a great evening meal with our dear friend Julie Storey, her daughter Rachel, mum Es, sis Jenny and Crystal, Es’ sister. Julie’s birthday and…

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Princess Smartypants – Babette Cole’s Brand New Book!

Princess Smartypants Breaks the Rules by Babette Cole published by Puffin Books.(comes out 11/08/09)

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Just for a bit of a laugh….or is it?

And they say that our education system is good??? Stand back and be amazed at its improvement. ……………………………………………………………………… UNIVERSITY CHALLENGE (BBC2) Jeremy Paxman: What is another name for ‘cherrypickers’ and…

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Dino Snacks and home for rebel T Rex!

Weymouth’s new dinosaur has been set free after being captured taking a paddle at the beach. The 20 foot-high Tyrannosaurus Rex was impounded after taking a dip in the sea…

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A to Z Illusions UK – unique and collectable gifts!

Here NOW!! UK’s very own A to Z Illusions! Following the rave revues that A to Z is getting over in Canada it has been decided that UK should benefit…

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Dinosaur on Dorset beach!!

A lifesize model of a tyrannosaurus that was abandoned on a Dorset beach has been towed away by health and safety officers….

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I can’t remember when it all started!

I was trying to remember when I first heard about Mojo – Stone Cold Players!! It’s well over 2 years ago and I was asked to sit in the drum…

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A to Z Illusions, Letter Art Photography

I have just received an email from David, my good friend from Canada. A to Z Illusions, Letter Art and Letter Photography have been working really well and it looks…

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What fantastic weather….?

Well I guess it must be Glastonbury!! We have had some great weather and now it’s wet!! Ah well – it wouldn’t be Glastonbury if it was fine I suppose!

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At last a new post!

Call me a cynic(?), but is it coincidental that the route has become a rat run for people returning to Weymouth at “tea-time”

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From swine flu to ANH petitions, fortified bread and GM foods

This is an email received today from a list I subscribe to from the Alliance for Natural Health. The film – We Become Silent, listed below – well worth a…

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Check out this movie, Autonomy…by David Tree

You Tube Link is here And DAVID A. TREE SHOWREEL 2008 MUSIC The YouTube link is here Fantastic stuff!

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Smart Shield EMF / Wifi / RF Radiation Protection

The worlds only EMF / Wifi / RF Radiation Protection device proven to protect the body on a cellular level via dark field blood and saliva analysis and energetic testing.

Smart Shields to help round the home and work

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