The Boomerang Generation Goes Home to Mum and Dad

So – How Can They Help the Family Finances?

Summary: As the recession has bitten deeper over the years, there is a growing trend of adults, aged between 35 and 45 going home to live with their parents. There is also a movement of the young adults, 18 to 24, to postpone their move out and those that have moved out are returning home as well. There is a possible way to benefit the whole family.

Boomerang Generation Return Home

As the recession has bitten deeper over the recent years, there is a growing trend of adults, aged between 35 and 45 going home to live with their parents. There is also a movement of the young adults, 18 to 24, to postpone their move out and those that have moved out are returning home as well.

Whatever the age ranges, it seems that more and more people are moving back home to be with their parents because they cannot manage to live on their own finances. Housing costs are too large and wages are not likely to keep pace. Jobs are also a LOT less available with more and more redundancies as time passes.

Will this be a strain on the household budgeting and family finances?

The effect of this movement of people is such that parents, with some level of savings, have to be a family again. Just as the parents were getting used to having time to themselves, and maybe do what THEY want to do – they find that the young family members have to be planned for yet again to some level. This is likely to strain household budgeting and savings, especially if the young person has no job and income. Oh boy – that is one gloomy outlook!!

Anyone can add to the average household income.

However these days it is QUITE possible for anyone to add to the average household income if they just think slightly differently! Whatever standard of ability and education that a person has, it is quite possible to re-think a way to earn and help the income for a household. If it was done by the whole family – just think of the potential!

Consider Making Money from Home!

The internet is available for pretty much everyone now to learn more.

Young people can take this possible “slow time” in their lives to just think and research a new way forward; one that anyone can do if they put their mind to it.

Living at home is likely to reduce stress for the younger people for a while. This is the time to take action before the stress returns to the family, because this could well happen if nothing is done!

A Booming Health and Wellness Industry.

Why do we need a health and wellness “industry”?

Health issues are becoming common news topics, almost daily. The health services are stretched. Education in health and food preparation is negligible and the fact that the general food supply nowadays is not helping is one of the top reasons for ill-health. The fast food businesses are a “simple answer” to meals, despite being a deceptively expensive way to eat if used on a regular basis. Ready meals and microwaves are a very poor substitute for real home prepared and cooked meals. However, many years of commercial farming, food processing, pesticide use, synthetic additives have destroyed and removed life-giving minerals from the very soil used to grow our food. The use of antibiotics and growth regulators in the animal food industry has caused a lot of added problems as well.

The fact that a visit to a doctor’s surgery is not really the answer is ignored most of the time. Doctors and health services are superb for trauma and accident repair! Break a leg or any other traumatic incident and there is no better place to go than the A&E – they will sew you up or plaster you back together and sort you out.

For degenerative illnesses and other forms of ill-health a visit to a surgery could mean a pill or injection to reduce symptoms. These remedies do NOT get to the causes of illness.

The hard pressed doctors are not give any REAL time to learn the full nutritional reasons for good health – we were told that by a holistic practitioner who has helped many people to right their health without need for drugs.

One statement that has caused more illness and death in the western world: “You get all the nutrition you need from your four food groups.”

Nobel prize winner Dr Linus Pauling has stated: “The root of all disease is directly related to a lack of minerals.”

Now – go into ANY high street chemist or health store and you’ll find an abundance of mineral supplements.

There is only ONE problem! These supplements are usually a metallic mineral derivative. The type a human body cannot assimilate and use to best advantage, if at all.

Plant derived minerals are the only type that a human body can use to best advantage and when it gets the chance to do so – the results can be astonishing!

Plant derived minerals are absolutely essential to our health and longevity.

“Minerals are the spark plugs of life!”

Dr Gary Price-Todd has stated: “The human body needs at least 60 minerals daily to maintain a disease and ailment free state. Vitamins are virtually useless in the absence of minerals.”

Your health, wellbeing, intelligence, energy, functionality, immune system and appearance depend on the body replenishing its stock of plant derived minerals and vitamins several times a day – never leave it to chance and hope the food you eat will be enough.

So – how can this benefit a family?

We all want to stay well and keep active – we can see many people who fall by the wayside because they don’t know how or maybe don’t care how to find ways to look after their health. We all want our children to grow strong and healthy. We all need money and a good financial income to be able to get ahead in life today.

What could be available to anyone who looks at this unique opportunity?

  • Help with Arthritis / Aches / Pains/ Backs / MS etc

  • Help with Sports / Fitness / Body Building

  • Help with Diabetes

  • Help with Energy Levels

  • Help with General Health

  • Help with Heart Issues / Blood Pressure

  • Help with Stomach Issues eg IBS

  • Help with Skin Conditions eg psoriasis

  • Help with Women Specific Ailments eg gynaecological / pregnancy

That is not a bad list of possible benefits and that is not mentioning any financial potential.

What do we do? How can we find plant derived minerals?

There is a UK based company that has a unique effervescent product containing 74 plant derived minerals and results are nothing short of excellent! The supply of these minerals is through other people who use and have found benefits from using the minerals. If you were to just take a look and see what the video on the link below shows – there is a possible health, wellness and financial benefit to all who decide to work at this opportunity.

There is a small cost to start up, but it’s a fraction of a franchise start-up fee. Help, support and training are all free. There is a huge network that is growing weekly of people who are helping others to get this to work for themselves.

“Reasons Come First. Answers come Second” – Jim Rohn

My name is Mike and I am looking to build a great team for 2015 – we’re growing now and the help we have is superb; I have a website and video link that will show just how to start this new and potentially excellent venture!!

Health and Wellness for everyone we know would surely be a good goal to start with? Here is a possible chance to help people you know to keep well and bring in a potentially good income for the whole family.

There is no guarantee save that of the chance to look at an exciting opportunity that could well work for you!

Go to and see for yourself!

To try the Sizzling Minerals as a start – click here!

“The few who do are the envy of the many who only watch” – Jim Rohn

Best wishes to you for great health and wealth.


Mike Finding

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