The Silent Epidemic and A Bone Scan that Shocked Us!

Ok – to the topic for this newsletter. Osteoporosis – or Brittle Bones

Or maybe this should read:

Osteoporosis – The Silent Epidemic of the Century

As you are probably aware by now, we have a great interest in a lot of natural health topics, and helping people to find information that could well be VERY useful to them and people they know.

You signed up to the HHC newsletter for a reason – that is something you know and don’t need to divulge, unless you feel we can help with our network of practitioners who are keen to help where possible.

Our aim is to make sure that as far as possible we can help you in your need for natural health information from topics we have been fortunate enough to hear about from other very knowledgeable people.

The report available in this newsletter relates to the condition called Osteoporosis which is becoming more and more prevalent in younger people – no longer is it a condition that just affects old ladies and pregnant women.

Young people, male and female are falling foul of Osteoporosis, and it IS quite preventable, and you may well know someone who has, or who could be en-route to having a problem with Osteoporosis.

A VERY short story: My wife and I went to a meeting discussing various things, including Osteoporosis quite some while ago. Bone scans were being offered and we each had one done – just out of curiosity.

Well the scans MAY have been done out of curiosity, but the results shocked the pair of us as you will see later in the e-Report download!

The information in this e-Report has some great tips and highlights quite a few things that you can do to help yourself.

As members of this newsletter group, we have the e-Report right here on a free download for you. It IS up for a few dollars on another site, but as you have taken the time and trouble to sign up – it’s all yours to do with what you will – but PLEASE do not alter it in any way.

If you know anyone who may benefit from this e-Report, please do pass it on, but just let them know where you got it, please!

We really do hope you find this of interest, maybe even a help to someone you know. Also think about the potential ways mentioned in the report to prevent this condition for yourselves. There is a link in the report that will show products you can use to help as well as other practical tips.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions

The Silent Epidemic and A Bone Scan that Shocked Us
Osteoporosis – The Silent Epidemic

Just before I sign off!

Some foods, fizzy drinks, energy drinks, stress – ALL these have been found to leach minerals from the bones. Good diet, keep OFF the fizzy’s and as much as possible reduce stress….

THAT sounds like such an easy thing to do – but I am SURE is isn’t for many people.

To help with this a REALLY effective way would be to start to using the Sizzling Minerals as a backup and just try them for a good 6 to 9 months. 80p per day is not a large price to pay to improve health for ALL the family…

Just a thought………

Bye for now

The Silent Epidemic and A Bone Scan that Shocked Us


Proper Body Mineralisation is KEY to Good Health

Listen to the Dr. Bender Audio – “Doctor Says” Here about Sub Clinical Disease

Have a listen to what a real medical doctor from the States says

The Silent Epidemic and A Bone Scan that Shocked Us
Without These Prehistoric Elements Is Optimum Health Impossible?

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The Silent Epidemic report is not claimed to be a definitive work, but meant as a testimonial from my own research to show what can be done with a little perseverance and desire to feel better. I am NOT qualified practitioner, but helped by others who are.

The Silent Epidemic and A Bone Scan that Shocked Us

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