Our Environment Affects Us All

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I just wanted to resend the information sent a while ago, but has been asked for a few times – linked to much of the information in the Healthy Homes Club website

There is no getting away from it – the human race IS linked completely to the environment.

That is so whether anyone likes it or not…

It’s just the way it is – live with it!!

These days the huge influx of people into the cities and towns mean that many do not always consider the environment in any way – to their own potential detriment.

These days many people probably just don’t consider that the natural world around them has any real personal effect on them.

20th Century Changes

The 20th century brought huge changes to the way we work, the way we live and also to what we eat.

Back in the World Wars the land armies were brought into action to feed the country and the intensive farming era started to move in.

While that was a real necessity back in the day, the increased intensive farming has now had a huge effect on our eating habits and the way the natural world is treated.

The increases in population, along with the advent of the huge stores and foreign imports has also wrought havoc on the natural food supplies.

Much of the food on supermarket shelves purports to be fresh, when it has probably been “kept fresh” under very unnatural conditions – that is a whole other topic to consider!

With the changes in the environment and the huge increase in world population over the years there has been a definite “knock-on” effect to the human body.

This is regardless of what we are told by the food companies, government departments, the health services and any other “department of authority” you might care to think about!

50+ years ago our grandparents could expect, in general, to be able to have nutritious food that would sustain their need for good health.

The truth is that food grown back then was done so in land that was not over farmed and covered with artificial fertiliser and chemical sprays.

The fertility of the land had not been destroyed.

The very fact that any food grown these days falls way short of the nutritional standards required for optimal health is now well known.

The fertility of agricultural soil these days is hugely lacking and the shocking decline has come about in a VERY short period of time.

It’s even a fact that much properly grown organic food is not as nutritious as it used to be. (The proper organic food should, however, be less contaminated by chemicals.)

The graph below is an illustration of just this fact. (Yes – you have seen it before, but I make NO apologies for that)

Our Environment Affects Us All

Soil Mineral Depletion Graph

The other side to all this does kind of makes it even more serious.

Due to the fact that more environmental pollution of various kinds is always with us, to combat any affect from that, we need to be better nutritionally balanced than ever.

There is no surprise that health suffers – you hear it in the media virtually every day; the numbers in hospital, the rising obesity and diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s – it’s all around us.

Our Environment Affects Us All
Dr Bender – Doctor Says

CLICK the image (or here) to listen to the Audio

Many people don’t seem to care and will expect an overloaded health system to look after them.

The conditions that are causing increased death and disease are not viruses and bacteria, as the media and “powers that be” would have us all believe.

It’s the preventable degenerative diseases mentioned above – heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s…..

…these statements are taken from information given out by experienced health researchers and practitioners – it’s not ME making this up.

Over 90% of illness is metabolic and related mainly to the way we feed ourselves.

The underlying nutritional deficiencies should be addressed to slow and even halt the onset of disease.

Does this alarm or surprise you?

If the answers are known, why is nothing done about it?

As someone who is, I suspect, interested in health matters, would you agree that we have to take it upon ourselves to find out more good information that can help us and our families stay well?

I would recommend the use of the Plant Derived Minerals as soon as you can to make a start in improving the nutritional health of yourself and your family

80p per Day
is that a reasonable price to pay for potential better health, energy and
much much more?

I have a set of links below that are areas where you can find out more if you wish.

I think that’s enough to be going on with, but it DOES show how much information is out there if we just look for it and ask for help.

I hope that is of interest – it’s all information I have found “out there” in books, at talks and other areas over the last ten or so years…If it is useful and helps I’m pleased.

Very best to you

Bye for now

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