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I really hope you have had a great summer, despite the appalling weather! I have to say that I am pleased I no longer farm because the harvest has been a total pain….Back to school for the youngsters now so we start to emerge on our day trips to various places we love to visit.

Just before the weekend now I picked up on a post out in the Facebook area that is used for people involved with building businesses and teams with Simply Naturals.

I could not believe what I was seeing!! Over the years we have been involved with health products and kept very well using what we have been taught of how a human body expects to be fed and watered and looked after. So much so that we have been building a group and business as well – with the Simply Naturals products and services. (As an aside – you too can do this and we have help available if you want to make some changes for the better in family health and finances. Click that link above and watch the whole video – explains all….)

To the point of this newsletter!!

TWO sayings have been very evident for years that we know of:

Dr. Linus Pauling
2 time Nobel Prize Laureate

“You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.”

and the kicker is:

The one phrase that has killed more people than anything else:

“You can get all the nutrition you need from your 5 food groups”

You may have already seen this, but I want to bring an important video to your attention again – It is called the Mineral Depletion Video and everyone who CARES about their health and the health of loved ones really needs to see it – it is NOT a long video and it is a must see. The graph below ALSO says a LOT….

Really Conflicting Information
Helping yourself to good health can be done

Soil Mineral Depletion Graph

NOW – having seen those parts of this newsletter read on:

Quoted below from the posting online by someone who has been taught about lacking proper nutritional input!

Just had an interesting day!

My 82 yr old dad – for those of you who were at Sizzling Sunday will remember he wouldn’t take his minerals because the doc says no!! – well he’s to undergo a double heart by pass and aortic valve replacement soon.

He started taking the minerals last month after I told him Peter’s story (again!!!) (Yippee!!!). Anyway today we had a meeting at the hospital with physios, nurses, dietitians etc about pre and post op care.

The dietitian did his presentation – how eating 5 a day would keep you healthy, no supplementation needed as it was better to get vitamins from source, etc etc!

I didn’t want to speak up in front of the 30+ people there as mum and dad are nervous enough about this op and I didn’t want to draw attention to us (although now I wish I had!,)

Afterwards I got the chance to speak to the dietitian alone and asked what he knew about minerals (not a lot!) , soil depletion. (No such thing exists!!!!), our foods do not give us the required nutrients (yes they do if you eat a varied 5 a day!!!).

I gave him our green brochure and asked him to have a read! Why are the NHS still in the dark ages about nutrition/supplementation!

Don’t even get me started on what he said about fats and low fat products in relation to cholesterol! Shocking!!!

How is THAT for Really Conflicting Information

From everything we have learned over the last 12+ years it is quite shocking to STILL hear how the people in charge of the nation’s health have little or no real knowledge of what is needed for good health…

“Did You Know the Reason So Many People Are Suffering in Pain Around The World is Because Their Bodies Are Crying Out For Minerals?
BUT, not just ANY Minerals!”
Free Report: PDF Download
Free Video Link: The Health Video
Please do consider looking at the video links in this newsletter and take note of the apparent ignorance of people who really should know better – we have also come across this in our travels so it is not unusual – we HAVE TO THINK AND LEARN FOR OURSELVES!!

Enough for now I think. Enjoy the rest of the summer and hope the weather improves!

Very best to you

Bye for now

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Helping yourself to good health can be done

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