Our Environment Affects Us All

Is YOUR Health 80 pence per day?

From The Newsletters of Healthy Homes Club. Good day to you. Is spring round the corner? I just wanted to resend the information sent a while ago, but has been asked for a few times – linked to much of the information in the Healthy Homes Club website There is … Continue reading

History Of The Eagles

Hotel California by the Eagles - image

The Eagles, the music – I’ve loved it ever since I heard for the first time, years ago, the likes of Life In The Fast Lane, Long Run, Victim Of Love, Lyin Eyes and of course the excellent Hotel California. THEN of course you have Joe Walsh and the addition … Continue reading

Health worth 80p a day?

Is YOUR Health 80 pence per day?

Is YOUR Health 80 pence per day? I hear you ask… “What’s he babbling on about now?” It occurred to me that most people think nothing of shelling out more than £2 for a cup of coffee in a motorway stop or coffee bar in the towns and cities, possibly … Continue reading

Stay Well & Fit! Health and Wellness for ALL Ages.

Stay Well & Fit! Ideal for ALL ages. Helps with fitness, sleep, joint pain….. See HERE what can Help YOU and your Loved ones throughout the year! Get YOUR Free newsletter and free reports Help for Asthma, Diabetes, Arthritis, Skin Problems, Digestive Problems, Hay Fever, Blood Pressure…… Great testimonials available! … Continue reading

He was funny, gripping – and as rude as English mustard

He was funny, gripping - and as rude as English mustard

QUENTIN LETTS sees Gove on top form By Quentin Letts for the Daily Mail Published: 00:38, 20 April 2016 Updated: 02:15, 20 April 2016 Many say Boris Johnson is the Leave campaign’s great asset. Boris is indeed a joy, a tremendous gooser of the electorate. But it is bookish, bespectacled … Continue reading

The Grand Theatre Wolverhampton with And Finally… Phil Collins

The Grand Theatre Wolverhampton with And Finally… Phil Collins

Although Show Producer Tim Harper has been living in Dorset for the past 25 years he was born and bred in Wolverhampton and is so excited to be bringing his show to the Grand Theatre on Friday April 22nd. “This means a lot to me personally as my first ever … Continue reading

Sweet, Fizzy, Dangerous

UK Could Lose its only natural world heritage site on Jurassic Coast

Sweet, Fizzy, Dangerous Curated Post Might be of interest to some? It ought to be….Take a look at the video!! Sweet, Fizzy, Dangerous Soda Giants Shift Attention to Developing Nations to Make Up for Shrinking Profits By Dr. Mercola According to the latest statistics,1 38 percent of American adults were … Continue reading

Stalbridge: a recent find on Facebook


As I was writing a post on Facebook and adding the original photo album on my profile, I came across a write up about Stalbridge and some rather interesting facts! It seems that none other than Douglas Adams was resident up there in Stalbridge when he was writing the Hitchhikers … Continue reading

If politicians had their way…..

If politicians had their way

Love or hate the Daily Mail – there are some stories that really let you know what is happening out there – as if we didn’t know!!! If politicians had their way, we’d never know about the greed of these public sector truffle hounds, says RICHARD LITTLEJOHN By Richard Littlejohn … Continue reading

Gaining Time and Quality of Life

The Entrepreneur Generation

Good day to you Summer is passed and autumn begins! It can be a beautiful time. Wonderful colour changes in the trees and darkening nights move in. Time is the most precious asset any of us have. To help with gaining time and not having to trade time for money … Continue reading